I'm really feeling it!

Herro TAY and welcome to TAY Game Challenge! Presented by my self, for TAY, and sponsored by Procrastination!

What is TAY Game Challenge you ask? Simple: I choose a game, set a challenge, and then we all compete for CASH MONEY internet bragging rights.

The challenges will be put up Sunday and run through Saturday which will give you a week to work on it and can be anything from high score challenges, time trials, difficulty runs, or anything random I can come up with.

For our first challenge I decided to make it simple and accessible to everyone and so I went with a simple (but HARD) browser game.

Game: 8 Bit Bayonetta (Browsernetta)
Challenge: High Score

To submit your high score just take a screenshot and post in the comments with your TAY handle in the address bar. That simple. If you want to improve your score in case someone beats it just respond to your own post so it is easier to keep track of for myself and others.



So get out there and let's see how much gamer cred you actually got!

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