I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Bonjour TAY and welcome to TAY Game Challenge! Presented by my self, for TAY, and sponsored by the Alliance Mako Driving School.

What is TAY Game Challenge you ask? Simple: I choose a game, set a challenge, and then we all compete for ERNEST HEMINGWAY'S LOST SUITCASE internet bragging rights.


This time around for the challenge involves Bioware's divisive Mass Effect 3. But like last time, we got multiple challenges this time around, one involving a score and a second involving a community vote!

Game: Mass Effect 3
Challenge: Solo High Score x4 (difficulty dependent)
Level: Firebase Giant
Enemy: Reaper

For the score challenge, choose any class and difficulty but the stage has to be Firebase Giant and the enemies set to Reaper and get the best solo score you can get. You can do just one difficulty or even all four if you want! Though you will get mad cred if you can solo Platinum by yourself.

So we will have a winner for EACH difficulty so maybe you can be the best and pick up multiple wins!

Game: Mass Effect 3
Challenge: The Best Commander Shepard on the Citadel

For this challenge, create the best Commander Sheppard you can and we will have a community vote as to which is the best! Simple as that.

Remember TAYers, to submit your high score just take a screenshot and post in the comments. Same thing with your Shepard Selfie. That simple. If you want to improve your score in case someone beats it just respond to your own post so it is easier to keep track of for myself and others.

You got till Sunday, April 19th, 2015 to complete your mission.

Now go out there and save the galaxy!

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