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TAY Game Challenge 5: The Real World Edition

YaHello TAY and welcome to another TAY Game Challenge! Presented by myself, for TAY, and sponsored by PHC’s Guide to Cleaning Your Dirty, Dirty Games (cause you’re a dirty, dirty gamer).

What is TAY Game Challenge you ask? Simple: I choose a game, set a challenge, and then we all compete for your beloved’s hand in marriage internet bragging rights.


In our last challenge I called out the Mario Kart 8 players and apparently of the 9.2 million Wii U’s out there and a close to 50% attach rate only three TAY people have MK8! Thus, Pita64 took the gold in all challenges! Four gold medals to you Pita!

Here’s Pita’s results:

Well this time around we are getting a little more realistic. As in it’s gonna take place in the REAL WORLD (no, not the show). Let’s get to it shall we?


Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Challenge: Selfie with the game.

Find a copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Take a selfie with it. Simple enough. Feel free to submit as many as you want and don’t be afraid to get creative too! Just no Burt Reynolds inspired photos please.


Game: Any arcade machine(s)
Challenge: Selfie with the game(s).

Find an arcade machine. Take a selfie with it. Simple enough minus finding an arcade machine unless you own one (coughcoughGBDcoughcough). Feel free to submit as many as you want and don’t be afraid to get creative too!*

*Bonus points if you can find a Super Mario Bros. arcade machine or pinball machine


Since I’ll be out of town for a bit, I’m giving everyone two weeks to submit your selfies. You got till May 23rd, 2015 at midnight to submit all the goofy, serious, absurd, artistic, or whatever game photo you can.

So get out your SPF 1000 sunblock, take a shower, and give us your best TAY!

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