I'm really feeling it!

Hello TAY! Time to vote on the games you would like to play with your other TAY peeps. But make sure you read on for some other stuff.

First off, good ol' Saint Nick is running a Digimon Pokemon Tournamet! I know some of you out there think you are the very best (like no one ever was) so now is the time to prove it! Get your Bidoof's ready.


Also, if you're interested in doing the TAY Charity Stream, make sure you get ahold of Urilikya. Check out the original post here or contact me as well so we can start getting this under way.

Next, today would be our usual A Night in Gaming day but since the vote was delayed of sorts we have no game tonight. Instead, after you vote, go down to the comments and FIND A GAME TO PLAY WITH YOUR OTHER TAY PEEPS!

Whether it be getting your butt kicked in fighting games, taking turns in Civilization 5, or showing how horrible of a person you are in Cards Against Humanity I'm pretty sure you can find something to play with someone. Go mingle amongst yourselves!

Urilikya already has a Star Wars MMO night set up so maybe try that!

Lastly, if you want to be the point man for a particular platform (Game Ambassador?) for Game Nights LET ME KNOW. It'd be nice to have at least two people per console in case there are scheduling conflicts or other issues that arise. That way there will hopefully a little less confusion as to who is doing what and where and what time.

DOTA 2: Stygian Knight (I mean seriously, how is DOTA not gonna get voted for?)

With that all out of the way, time to get your vote on!


(While vocal, not many options I'm afraid)


(I didn't actually get any PS3 recommends so this is what you guys get.)


(Much input! Was appreciated)


(Still shooter heavy but a lot of conversation! Castle Crashers anyone?)

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