I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAY Game Night: April Voting and Last Game Night of March

Hey there, so...there goes March.

So full of promise, so full of LIFE.


The upshot is....

Borderlands 2 is free on PSN. Saturday, Borderlands 2 will be installed on all your little PS3 hard drives and we will be playing it at 9 pm! Damson. Save me, I know not what I do. I've never played Borderlands 2, am I going to love it?


The second upshot is:

Voting for April game night begins!

#TUTFAIL: Please vote on your system choices again, I forgot to add 3DS.

System Choices






Please note you can vote more than once. Pick any and all games/systems that you own/would like to play. If a game you want to play is not listed, let me know.

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