I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Game Night: December Schedule

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Well, after skipping November and half of December, TAY Game Night returns! It’s about time we pick the games for December’s Game Nights! Tell me what you all want to host/play!


As always, I’ll throw up some things I will be hosting, and then I’ll leave it to you guys to fill the schedule out with whatever you want to host. Don’t be shy! What do you guys want to see this month? Rocket League? Halo 5? Left 4 Dead? Something new?

Thanks to NotGoodForYou for the header image!

TAY Game Night Schedule So Far

Nothing so far. Expect something soon!

Remember, you can find your friends the TAY Gaming IDs Spreadsheet in the TAY Steam Group and in the TAY Discord Chatroom! Be sure to put your name on the spreadsheet and join the group and join the chatroom if you haven’t already!

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