It's TAY Game Night again! Tonight we will be playing DOTA 2 on PC and Uncharted 3 on PS3! I don't have either game so enjoy your game of choice tonight with your wonderful hosts. Join your fellow TAYers at 9:00 PM EST for some fun!

Quiddity will be hosting DOTA 2 tonight if he can. If not I will need a volunteer. You can find his Steam Profile here! The TAY Steam chatroom is there for you to help you guys get organized if you need it!


As for you PS3 people, PSWii2008 will be hosting Uncharted 3! Hist PSN ID is PSWii2008. A lot of you voted for this again so hopefully you guys get to play this time!

As always, you can find everyone on the TAY Gaming IDs spreadsheet and find out what we're playing this month on the November Game Night schedule!