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TAY Game Night: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


I know I didn't put out a blip earlier in the week as a reminder, but I'm posting now!


Hop on your Wii U tonight at 9:00 PM EST NOW to settle it in Smash! My Nintendo Network ID is SupremeEvan if you haven't added me yet.

Since Smash only supports up to 4 players in match, if you see that one match is full, try coordinating another match in the comments below.

UPDATE: I started the room a little early if anyone would like to join in before 9:00 PM. We'll be playing "tournament rules", 3-stock, 8-minute time limit.

UPDATE 2: Looks like my room is full now. If you want to host your own room for some more games, please feel free. Let me know in the comments and I'll toss your name up for others.



Thanks for coming out everyone (Nach, Aest, GBD, PSWii, Thatsmapizza, and Messy)

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