By popular demand, here is your July Game Night and A Night in Gaming schedules.

A Night in Gaming

[W 7/2] Twisted Metal/PS3 (Aikage)

[W 7/9] EDF/PS3 (Aikage)

[W 7/16] Minecraft/PC (Aikage)

[W 7/23] Rune Classic/PC (Unimplied)

[W 7/30] Mario Kart 7/3DS (Aikage)

Game Night

[S 7/5] L4D2/PC (Aikage), Halo 3/Xbox360 (E1 Salvador)

[S 7/12] Mario Kart 8/Wii U (Nach), Team Fortress 2/PC (Aikage)

[S 7/19] Mass Effect 3 MP/PS3 (Barkspawn), GTA V/Xbox360 (DS)

[S 7/26] DOTA2/PC (Aikage), Mass Effect 3 MP/Xbox360 (E1 Salvador)

Please note: This month is special. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. Which means I'm giving away presents. Well, one, to be exact. Whenever you attend game night or A Night in gaming you'll get one ticket with your name on it. At the end of the month I'll pick a random name from the tickets (more game nights = more tickets) and the winner will recieve:

1 (one) copy of Minecraft for PC!


Also note: We're going to try to do PC/console nights as there is not a significant amount of overlap. Also Note: Someone remind me on the 26th via text that I'm hosting DOTA 2. I'll be flying in that day and should get home around 7. Also Note: Special thanks to Barkspawn for helping me make up this schedule (read: did everything).


Also Note: Need a MK8 host

Also Note: Need GTA V on XBOX host

Also Note: The Ship is on sale for a buck. Pick it up - we're playing it next month.