I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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We are playing Overwatch for PC on June 30th at 8 pm EST

We are playing Battleborn for PS4 on June 29th at 8 pm EST (TEEHEE)

Last night was a SNAFU wherein no post went up about game night. Not a whole lot of Overwatch was played. I had a great time playing Battleborn and Warframe with my lads but I guess the PC side was a clusterbomb of miscommunication.


To that end:

I will be handling Battleborn and I will try to at least corral the Overwatch players together in the TAY Discord Tomorrow! If someone wants to help in that endeavor, fantastic. Else I will try my best!


I will also make sure to bump this post tomorrow at like 4 so people don’t forget. If you showed up on Tuesday make sure to let me know and you’ll get your entry into the drawing anyway (can get two entries this month).

Please have your Battle ID ready to give to everyone at 8 pm.

Best Buy 60$ gift card entries

  • February: Abracadaniel
  • March: Cloudpersona
  • April: Quiddity
  • May: KCet
  • June: Novibear, Twinkling82


  • We are playing for fun. If you are planning on pwning scrubs or showing off how awesome you are, go elsewhere.
  • We are playing for fun.

That’s all I got.

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