I'm really feeling it!

I am making a tutorial on how to edit video in Premier Pro CC. I decided to edit the L4D2 stream to distill some of the ZANY MADCAP FUN into an easily digestible 12 minute video! If you want to know what goes on at Game Night this is sort of a primer and remember that next month we’ll be playing Serious Sam.

As always, lurker, long time resident, or first time callers are all welcome at game night! No need to be shy, we all are terrible at video games (as is evidenced in that video). Co-op is usually the name of the game.


If people are interested, I could try to make a video like this for each game night. You can be internet famous!

Keep an eye out for the tutorial post sometime later today or early tomorrow depending on how swamped I get. Also keep in mind that I am teaching myself as I go along so if you see something that I obviously did wrong, or can be improved, please let me know.

Here’s a bonus video

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