I KNOW I KNOW! Why do we never play anything else. Well that’s because:

1. L4D2 is typically cheaper than dirt. Seriously. Dirt can get pretty pricey!

2. L4D2 is the sweet spot of 8 players. We don’t normally have more than that.


4. Statistically, people actually show up if we play it possibly because:

5. It runs on a potato.


This Friday, November 23 at 8:00pm EST


Steam, I don’t think it was released on anything else but just to be crystal clear!


8 of you and your fellow TAYers or if we have only a couple, 4 of you vs. the zambies. I will be there so that should be enough of an incentive to not show up!


If you’d like to join voicechat we’ll be using the TAY Discord, or if you’re fine without it, make sure you have me as a friend on Steam and I’ll begin the endless spam around 8:00!


What’ll you give me?

I’m over bribing for attendance! Show up! Or Don’t! If people show up I’m way more likely to do it again. Maybe with a game you’d RATHER play! So even if you’re not super sold on L4D2 show up and be a team player!