I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Game Night: Mario Kart 8

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Who's ready for the Luigi Death Stare?

Join us at 9:00 PM EST NOW for some sweet Mario Kart 8 action on the Wii U.

My Nintendo Network ID is SupremeEvan if you haven't added me yet.

The room will be up and running at least by 9:00 PM (though I have a tendency to start it a little early), and when we get enough people I'll start the races. Anyone can join in after that!


I've got the DLC, so I'll have that on by default. If you don't have the MK8 DLC buy it now let me know in the comments and I'll turn it off so we can all race.I'll also make sure to have my microphone on so some of you more vocal racers don't have to sit in deafening silence between races.

UPDATE - Come one, come all. Room is ready!

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