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TAY Game Night! May voting! Furby Spam post 2 of 2

Oi! You there I need your help!

This Wednesday is Sanic racing (aka I play DOTA 2 after no one shows up for 1/2 hour) for VITA.


After that we've got a blank slate. I'll post a vote on Wednesday but I need your recommendations. Put them HERE under the appropriate title. To elaborate - these are game ideas that will be put to vote later. To that end check for repeats. Don't post the same game twice. Avoid redundancy. XD.

I may scrap the handheld game nights as I feel they don't have much attendance and then I get yelled at by Nach who graciously helped out. But for now, write in any recommendations you can think of. We'll see.

EDIT: I forgot. It's too late for May, but would you guys be interested in doing June as a "retro" gaming month? We could play Half Life, Quake, TFC (classic), Starcraft, Freelancer, etc. A lot of it/most of it would be PC gaming though. But they're old enough games that even those with crappy computers could attend.

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