I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Game Night: Overwatch (tonight!)

I finally caved to the memes of the super kawaii gremlin D.Va and got this overwatch game. So in order to rope you all into playing with me we’re gonna party like it’s high noon and shoot us some stuff Dr. Junkenstein’s zomboids. Alternatively we can shoot at other people while defending the payload I guess.


Tuesday November 1st Tuesday January 30th we will be playing Overwatch for PC (sorry Geebs aint nobody got the PS4 version) at 8:30ish PM EST. Head on over to the TAY discord if you can’t wait that long and want to teach me to laugh, love, and get on the damn payload.

That time again:

Tuesday January 31st we will be playing Overwatch for PC at 8:30pm EST.


  • We are playing for FUUUUNNNNNN. If you took a bottle of Max Rager beforehand, wait for it to wear off before joining.
  • We are playing for FUN. Fun. Fun.

60$ Best Buy Entries

  • February: Abracadaniel
  • March: Cloudpersona
  • April: Quiddity
  • June: Twinklings/Novibear
  • July: Abracadaniel
  • August: Kidechka
  • September: Datacide
  • October: ???? I FORGOT?? Rienier? maybe? Abracadaniel? Datacide? I MISREMEMBER
  • November and December will be Jan and Feb.

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