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TAY Game Night: Red Dead Redemption (PS3) UPDATE!

Good evenin' gents. Tonight we're gonna rustle ourselves up a posse and go take on those wild bears....or whatever it is you do in RDR. I HAVE RDR now, but have yet to officially unbox it. I'll pop it in when I get the chance but in case I am unable.....SOMEONE will be there to help guide you all to blissful Western Fantasy town.

SOMEONE sound off below to let me know you're going to play messiah to this ragtag band of outlaws.


Otherwise, I'll see you guys when I am able to make the game work (I'm assuming there are updates galore). Official start time is 9 pm Eastern.


EDIT by Kluge: I hope you don't mind Aikage. But if the mp on RDR is still buggy due to hacked servers, it is best to go for private online, and invite from there. There is an update! I will be setting up a game. So PSN is I_Kluge, and we'll see from there to make it work!


I'd post the rules, but you godless ruffians are sure to ignore them anyhow.

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Snak is still doing MOBA Mondays and will be playing Awesomenauts this Monday at ??? o clock. I'm sure he'll also be streaming. Maybe. Get on him to be a bit more organized why won't you.

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