I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tomorrow, August 27th starting at 8pm EST we will be having a Rune Classic Game Night!!!

But isn’t Rune Classic like, a million years old?

Yes. Yes it is. It also looks terrible and handles very clunkily. It is, however, one of the most ridiculously fun times I’ve had during old timey PC game nights.


I don’t wanna spend 10 bucks on a stupid old game

Welp, that’s a fair statement. To that end, at the end of today, I will randomly pick 1 person from the people who commented on this here article, and send them a free copy of Rune Classic via Steam. Here at TAY we’re not above bribery :D.

Unimplied may also throw in a copy if you promise to play.

But Rune doesn’t have voice chat because it’s SO OLD

There’s an app for that! In case you haven’t noticed, we should all be on Discord by this point. It’s easy to use, accessible, and you can send cat gifs. Also, it does multi channel voice chat so Team Rune Vikings of Valhalla and Team Rune Bear Gods of Norway don’t have to be on the same channel (Although it’s probably more fun if we are).


Voice chat is optional. Axing friends in the face is not.

Ok Ok, where do I find this “RUNE” game you speak of. I’m ready to purchase.

Here’s the link to the Steam Store page.


OK Furby, now what?

Someone get ahold of Hyper and BloodyBill. I need me some payback.


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