I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Game Night: September

Thanks Tim!

In honor of the most Viking of months (I decree it, it is so) we will be having a Valhalla themed September game night with a special double header game night!


On Tuesday September 27th at 8pm EST we will be battling as some of the Gods of Valhalla in a rousing match of SMITE!

If MOBA ain’t your thing...

On Thursday September 29th at 8pm EST we will be battling as all the Gods of Ragnarok in Rune: Classic!

Best Buy 60$ gift card entries

  • February: Abracadaniel
  • March: Cloudpersona
  • April: Quiddity
  • June: Twinklings/Novibear
  • July: Abracadaniel
  • August: Kidechka


  • We are playing for fun. If you are planning on pwning scrubs or showing off how awesome you are, go elsewhere.
  • We are playing for fun.

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