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TAY Game Nights: August Schedule

Welcome to our monthly TAY Game Night Schedule! It’s that time in which we all yell about games we want to play and then argue over which time is most/least convenient in the comments.

I’m trying something new this month with my Xbox homies in which we just hangout and chat in party chat. If we game, we game and if not we will sit around and talk about how underrated the Gamecube was as a system and melee weapon (seriously did this last week). Feel free to steal this idea anyone else!

As always, someone please make us a good/bad/weird/awesome/ridiculous header image! Thanks to Spacegar for this months image!


TAY Game Night Schedule So Far:

Wednesday August 5th
Xbox TAY Chat Party (360)
Host: Salvador/Master Chiefzilla Comes With a Built-In Spartan Laser

Wednesday August 5th
Splatoon Patch Party! (Wii U)
Host: Nach/Resident Food Photographer

Friday August 14th @ 10 PM ET
Heroes of the Storm (PC)
Host: ArdillaNegra/White Chipmunk

Thursday August 20th
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XB1)
Host: DisturbedShadow/DisturbedSte-(Sa1vador Dies)

Friday August 21st
Fistful of Frags (PC)
Host: Geostar/Captain CapsLock

Thursday August 28th
Rune Classic (PC)
Host: Aikage/Lord Furbamon

Remember, you can find your friends the TAY Gaming IDs Spreadsheet and in the TAY Steam Group! Be sure to put your name on the spreadsheet and join the group if you haven’t already!

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