I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What is it?

A streaming/video upload Youtube channel for TAY to use.


Because I think with our diverse collective of gamers, we’re in a unique position to be a “one stop shop” channel where we can do reviews, let’s plays, TOP TEN LISTS (I know you all love those), Guides, and whatever else fits the bill.


I was also thinking we could have a regular show, like a podcast, but with the ole’ vidya. But that’s in the far future for now. Baby steps.

Didn’t we Already Have a Stream?

The illustrious and oft missed Snakthedogenthusiast had a Twitch channel which you can still watch my beautiful speed run of mario on. It can be found here. Snak is not around much so getting out keys to people could be a bit of a hassle also, and here’s where things get dicey...


Why YouTube over Twitch?

Essentially, with YouTube we gain the ability to create a library of videos which would be difficult and costly to replicate on Twitch. Twitch is great for showing, “Here’s TAY playing EDF 4.1 during game night!” but pretty abysmal at making a guide for how to beat the last mission. Also, I think many people have personal Twitch accounts so to set up a Twitch server may make people on PS4 roll their eyes and say, “I’m not switching my login every time I want to stream”


There are some pros/cons to both services but this is the main selling point for me. If someone wants to make a complementary TAY Twitch channel they’re welcome to.

Also YouTube gaming is relatively new at the moment which means that we could have the potential to become a medium sized fish in a small pond.


Elephant in the Room: Are you Trying to Make Money Off This?

Absolutely not. I highly doubt that this channel will ever be financially viable but if it ever does then I will involve those that upload videos in how we use that money. This is something that for sure we will not have to worry about in the forseeable future. But I do want to be clear here and now my purpose is to create a channel for US, not ME. I will hand out the keys to the castle (username/password) to whomever wishes so I’m not in charge here. We all are.


OK, Sounds Cool, What Can I Do To Help?

A couple things:

  • Subscribe: We need 100 subscribers to get a fancy URL for the channel. Until then it’s youtubegaming.com/jumbleoflettersnubmeras;dlfkjdfa
  • Banner: Got art talent? I need an icon and a 2048 x 1152 channel art.
  • Upload: Shoot me an email (Issiyo@gmail.com) and i’ll send you the login info. There will be further instructions on how to label your video for consistency sake, then upload.
  • Guides: I, and I’m guessing many people, are not great with video editing. If you have knowledge in this area and want to either upload a “how to” video, or write a post on TAY outlining some tips on how to use “software x” I will catalogue them all somewhere as well for future use. Tag them “TAY YouTube”
  • Get in Discord: If you have knowledge of how to organize YouTube channels or just want to offer some advice, it’s the fastest and most surefire way to reach me.

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