I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome all you blood thirsty fight fans! These Amiibos have been sitting idle for far to long... I can feel the tensions between them building, they are itching for a fight. My desk is having troubles containing all the pent up aggression. It’s time I let them battle it out in the ring before we have an all out street fight on the shelf...

Unfortunately I have far to many Amiibos to unleash all in one tournament... The sheer power of releasing them all at once could possibly tear the cosmos asunder! That’s where you come in TAY below I have compiled a list of fighters ready to rumble. After careful calculations I have determined my Wii U should be able to handle eight of them without exploding and destroying everything within a twelve block radius. So choose eight and choose wisely...


Top eight choices will be trained up to level 50, then their fury will be released, hopefully directed at each other, and contained within my Wii U.

Tournament placement will be determined by an eight fighter battle royale, then matches will move onto a 1v1 best 3 of 5. The winner will claim the glorious high spot on my shelf perched atop my tribble...

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