Hello again! I’m back with another quick guide for you!

So if you’re using the YouTube channel, good for you! Seriously, great job and i’m glad you’re helping to contribute content for our website. Scheduling an event is easy and can help you in the future to avoid confusion about who is streaming when and where. Whenever possible, if you intend to stream, schedule an event.

I’ll outline the way to do so below.

Login to the TAY YouTube channel either as a manager or with the username/password. You have to do this from Youtube.com and not the gaming.youtube.com website. Go to Creator Studio.

103 subscribers! Great job everyone!


Now on the left hand side you’ll see a menu. Click “Live Streaming” and then click “Events”


You’re presented with this screen. Any upcoming scheduled events will be shown (Yes, I need to clean that up as those are all past events). Click the +New live event button.


This ARG is fun to do, just wish more people knew about it or wanted to try to crack the code! Check the tags to see more.

Fill in all the pertinent information on the screen that shows up. Most important is date and time.


Under Advanced settings you can change a few things if you’d like. Make sure to set your game name for increased visibility!


When you’re all done there (I think everything is pretty self explanatory there), just click Create Event. You’re ALMOST done.


Here you can set a custom image to display when the stream is offline and as the image that will show when it’s archived. Here I’ve just picked the TAY logo (as I’m not saving this even for real). Chose whatever you’d like!

The ingestion settings are based on your OBS settings and depend on your network. If you have a great network connection pick the highest (I think 3000) else if you’re like me and have garbage.net pick 1500-4000.

Once you pick an ingestion setting the screen will change:


This is where we get THE POWER OF YOUTUBE!!! DUN DUN DUN. So twitch you have 1 twitch key that will never change. This is great because it’s easy. You will never have to change a thing about your settings in OBS with twitch.

However, if more than one person were using Twitch, we’d be screwed. Think of the Key as a key to a door. That key opens a very specific door to a very small room with only enough space for 1 person. Someone’s going to have to leave if you want more than one person to use that key. With YouTube they’ve circumvented this problem by saying, “Hey everyone can have a key, there’re tons of rooms in this house!”


This is fantastic in that we can actually have two people streaming at the same time and there’s no issue. The downside is you have to do some finagling.

In the picture above where it says, “Stream Name” that is now your YouTube streaming key. Open OBS and replace the stream key with the new one. Note that if you don’t want to schedule an event you can still get a unique stream specific key by going to the “go live” button instead of “events” under Live Streaming in the second step.

That’s it! Mostly. At this point your event is created and you’ve got a unique URL to embed which will show a nifty, “This Event will start in:” with a countdown clock. In addition you have a unique stream key to plug in to OBS. The final thing is to start streaming! When you’re ready to stream, start OBS, open YouTube, begin streaming and then when the preview images propogate in the YouTube window, click “go live” and you’re done!


Of note is that as of this writing 3.9.16, PS4 does NOT allow you to use Stream Keys. You can still use the YouTube channel using the login/password on the PS4 you just will be unable to use events. Also as Nach noted during his charity stream, if you switch games, you switch “rooms” as it were which means you’d have a different unique URL - you’d have to update your TAY post with a new URL for each game. This is a stupid problem that could be easily fixed by Sony but I doubt they’re really too interested at this point.

This post regards the TAY YouTube (TAY Gaming) channel. If you’re interested in contributing, anyone can use the channel!