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The Round Up is a collection of some of the ongoing series, and video uploads to the TAY YouTube (TAY Gaming) channel. If you’re interested in contributing, anyone can use the channel!

Nach Played Mega Man

And Firewatch

Resident Lurker, Notion of Oceans is working through Don’t Starve expansion Reign of Giants

I Don’t Even Know How I Should Feel About This

Sub Judice continues her excellent playthrough of Aviary Attorney

Hall of Fame Entries

Super Mario Brothers Speedrun attempt

Super Mario Brothers (1985) - Aikage - 9:07

Of course that’s not ALL that the TAY YouTube channel has to offer. Check out the channel.


We’re up to 92 subscribers which is 8 away from a disaster.

Remember, if you’re interested in getting featured in the roundup, all you have to do is upload your video! I’ll try to collect videos from the previous month and round them up. Anyone can use the channel, just contact me and I can add you as a manager now!

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