The morning is pitch black again... it's a weird feeling waking up when it's still dark. I'm just so used to being able to see when I wake up XD

Anyways, today I started off in the PAX merchandise line, but I forgot to take a picture while in it because I was to busy hunting monsters in monster hunter. So have a piture of me trying to take a picture of the Merch line from the que hall :P

This time I tried to try out Blood Born first thing in the expo hall, but the line got capped once I got there and so I wasn't able to play it :(. Instead, I played a few rounds of Guilty Gear Xrd and promptly got my ass handed to me by some other PAX goes, but I still had a ton a fun :P


Next I went back to the Capcom both to play some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate because this time I had some friends to accompany me this time. The line was long, but we killed some time by practicing our hunting skills. Once we were up there, we challenged the mighty Gore Magala and after a long and arduous fight, we got wiped. This will not be the last time I see Gore, for when I get this game, I will make him into my next pair of clothes (armor) >:)

Soon after this my friends and I got some lunch at a teriyaki shop near Pike Place Market and swear the other patrons were incredibly unscrupulous. After all this walking, we decided to relax a bit and watch some of the console tournaments at PAX.


Try and guess what game we were watching. Hint: this game was made by the same company that produced the game of one of the art books I purchased yesterday.

Again, we did a little wandering after the console tourney. We tried to get into Blood Born again, but we had no luck. I also tried to take as many pictures while on the move and I think this was probably one of the better things I captured.


I really need to check out Evolve. It looks pretty awesome and I'm kinda surprised it's not on the Wii U because I think the Wii U is designed to do asymmetrical game play well.

The end of the day was quite difficult for me because there were roughly four events I wanted to attend this evening. I wanted to go to the Extra Credits and GameGrumps Panel, Extra Credits was exactly before the GameGrumps panel and so I had to choose between the two.


Unfortunately, the Gamegrumps panel would prevent me from going to either the Acquisitions Inc. or a Hyrule Warriors Event that Nintendo was hosting of the convention center and naturally these two events clashed with each other too. So I had to pick between all of them... Ultimately, I went to the Hyrule Warriors event because I wanted to play some more Hyrule Warriors.


Sigh, but in the end none of this worked out because the line got capped right before me. It sucked because I waited in line for roughly an hour and a half before the event started. Well, the wait wasn't totally wasted, I did manage to get a replica of the scarf that link wears in the game for all my troubles.

Until tomorrow everyone ;P