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Good evening buddies of TAY and welcome to Meathead’s first official graveyard shift!


Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself an Xbox one with that spring sale the microsoft store had, got the 1TB machine that came with Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo 5, Watch Dogs, Gears Remastered, and Rare Replay. I also picked up Halo the Master Chief Collection. So far I gotta say, finally being ablo to play some Halo again, as I never had a 360 and only borrowed the original xbox to play Halo 1/2, has been fantastic!

Which brings me to tonight’s topic:

What was your last gaming related purchase?

Or as always you can ignore me and, Talk. Amongst. Yourselves.

Friday Evening Jamz

Fragments of Time (feat. Hatsune Miku) by Okame-P

Nocturne (Instrumental Version) by TesseracT

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