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It's Halloween! The time of trick-or-treating and spooky scary skeletons is upon us! There are Halloween events and costumed students all over campus. From a simple pair of cat ears to full-on costumes, there's quite a variety. Speaking of witch, what are you dressing up as for Halloween, if anything?

I can't say I'm doing much in the way of festivities. Tonight's plan involves hanging out with a few friends and watching some seasonally appropriate movies. Last year we did The Nightmare Before Christmas. Apparently this year we will be watching Ghostbusters and Young Frankenstein. I must admit I've never seen either film (yeah I know, what the hell is wrong with me?) so I'm definitely looking forward to it.


So what are you guys doing for Halloween? Going trick-or-treating or to a party? Hanging out with friends or just staying in and gaming? Maybe you have some wacky Halloween tradition or a great Halloween costume story to share with us! Maybe you like to indulge in some seasonally appropriate media! What are some of your favorite spooky books, movies, or games?

Maybe Halloween isn't your thing. Feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever down below! Have a happy Halloween everyone!