I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So I just finished playing Final Fantasy 4 on my phone and had a ton of fun doing it. Very engaging storyline, good dungeons, good music, it’s not the ground-breaking epic that everyone says it is, but that might be because I slingshotted through it at about 20 hours because of auto-battle and a fast-forward toggle (even with all the bonus dungeons).

In any case, that means i’m ready for my next epic phone game. I usually only have one on there at a time so I don’t get distracted, and it’s a good thing to come back too when that’s all i have to distract me.


Everyone tells me how awesome Final Fantasy Tactics is, so when it went on sale for $2 on the android store i picked it up. But when I started it up, the whole thing felt bizzare. The only SRPGs I’ve played have been the Fire Emblem Games and the Xcom/Valkyria Chronicles games. I started up the first mission in tactics and there’s like a turn order, and height differentials and i’m just very confused.

SO.....Please help. I have a PS3 copy of the original PS1 game, i have my phone copy (which I think is the PSP version), and i could find a way to play the PSP version on my TV, so which version should I play? Should I use a controller or are the phone controls good? How is the pacing of the missions? Are they long and drawn-out 30-60 minute battles? Does the phone version have a quick-save, so i can stop in the middle of a battle without losing progress? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the game? How do I min-max my characters? What do normal strategies look like (create a wall of protection, flanking, healing and mage strategies, spacing, etc.)? What are the different jobs for? In Fire Emblem or Xcom, you usually wanted a few tanks, a healer, a mage-type, etc. At a certain point I just don’t know what questions to ask. I’m just very, very confused and any help would be appreciated. Thanks TAY, i depend on your collective expertise.

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