I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Someone save me from my own photoshop hell please
Someone save me from my own photoshop hell please

Oh ho ho no one seems to have won the nearly impossible bonus round of the previous house challenge yet (I’ll leave it up until doomsday!) so it may be a little premature to offer up TAY House Challenge #2: Thanksgiving Pie Battle Royale.

This challenge will test your baking skill, yes, but also, moreover, your photography skills.


The challenge is simple, bake a pie for Thanksgiving. Take a picture. Respond to this post (which I will bump once it’s nearer to Thanksgiving but I figured I’d give anyone who wanted to do this ample time to prepare) with your house and a picture of the pie. Describe the pie briefly. Judges will grade based on:

  • How delicious the pie looks/presentation
  • How delicious the pie sounds based on the description
  • How original the pie is

This is for 20 house points! Get out your grandma’s recipe and start the baking!

For anyone not in a house or anyone who knows they don’t want to participate and wants to help judge - let me know in the comments.

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