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TAY House Challenges [10 points Gryfferin!] Bonus Challenge Activate!

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A

So the Team of High Wizards (who I haven’t really figured out who they are yet) and I are still determining how best to dole out points but one way I know for sure is that every once in awhile I’ll do a House Challenge. These are just silly things to get your house some points. I will usually post them as a blip without a header image but since this is the first time we’re seeing it, I figured may as well make it a full post! Hopefully these will be fun (that’s the aim at least) and will help to remind me that these things exist! SOOOOO I’m going to ask that at least for the first like...ten of these until I (and the rest of TAY) can remember which teams everyone is on, that when you respond you put your TEAM NAME in the post somewhere.

So today’s House Challenge is: Spell out YMCA! The catch? One person can only write one letter (much like the ubiquitous song!) So your response should go something along the lines of:

House: Slythendor

Letter: Y

Keep track of which letters your team has already entered! The letters MUST be entered in order (ie. You can’t post A for your team prior to the Y being posted)


If you’re not in a house, either go get yourself sorted, or if you’re uninterested, write House: None and a letter. If the Nones get to it before a house then no one gets points!

Annnnd begin wizarding!

This is for 10 points!

Bonus 10 point challenge: The first team to spell out the word “Wizardings!” wins bonus points.

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