I am usually not one for typing in all caps (ok, maybe a little more than most people) but I felt that this warranted an all caps.
You all like baking things, right? You also love entering these house challenges, right? well you’re in luck.

The Challenge:

Make some cookies.

Spell out “TAY” with them or otherwise represent your house.

Get rewarded.

The Reward:

Make it: 5 points

Win it: 25 points

Anyone who enters will win five points for their house automagically. To win, you will be graded similarly to the dessert challenge:

1. (out of 15 points) Presentation: How well do the cookies themselves look?

2.(out of 10 points) Team Pride: How well do the cookies represent TAY or your team?

3. (out of 5) Je Ne Sais Quoi: How good do those cookies sound? Are they super delicious or do they sound like dry tasteless linzer cookies?

What do you call a saltine with no cheese?

Crackalackin and that’s what you should all be doing now! If you’ve already made cookies that’s cool too, share your pictures or try a beautiful raven arrangement/rep your team with them.


Entires will be accepted through the New Year and we’ll start judging shortly thereafter but I’m flexible as always on timelines.

Current standings