My brother’s been teaching English in Japan for almost a year now. Recently, he ran into financial troubles, and I had to send him some cash... I told him to repay me by filling a box with random-ass games he found in Japanese used game shops (along with a few choice titles, if he could find them). Yesterday, a surprise package arrived in the mail from Kawasaki-Shi. Opened it up today. If anyone can help me identify some of these games, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I don’t speak moon, so a couple of these are a complete mystery to me. The bottom three are Star Luster, Exed Exes and Volguard II. I can look these up. But the first two? A shmup labelled “RPG” and a pink penguin game of some kind. Anyone know what these are?

The first one is Zoids... I had no idea Zoids was that old, but I love that franchise. The second one is... Super Chinese? Not sure what even to expect of that. The green one is a complete mystery. And a Squaresoft game called Tom Sawyer? I have no fucking clue. Never even knew that existed.


This image sucks, but the first one is an Enix game called “Wonder Project”, something written in Moon, and something called “Destructive”.


The first one is Slam Dunk... I think that’s an animu? The second one just says Shanghai III. I’m guessing it’s a mahjong game. And then Cyber Knight II. And 3x3 Eyes. Never heard of any of these.

First one is Bastard.. I think that’s also an animu. Astro Go Go, I have no idea. The third one looks familiar? Some kind of Japanese kids show I think. The last one is called patriarchy.


First two, Spindizzy and Super Air Diver... I don’t know what they are, but I can read them. The second two, I have no idea. I THINK the last one is Ranma 1/2, which I’ve never seen to recognize.

The rest of the box is stuff I specifically requested:


Mother 3, complete in box.

.hack Versus, which is actually an awesome fighting game import that nobody ever talks about; it comes packed with a .hack movie of some sort (which I hope has subtitles).


And a Charizard Y plush from Pokemon Centre.

If anyone can help identify some of the games above, I’d appreciate it. He refuses to tell me what they are, and I don’t have time to play them all. :P