Wahoo! Mario Kart 8 is on the horizon and I can't wait to meet up with all you lovely Wii U folks on the track. For this reason I have created the TAY Kart Klub (or TAYKK).

The only TAY group that miiiiight sound like some racist gathering. BUT IT ISN'T! I promise. It's for Mario Kart.


Since you can create your own tournaments on MK8 it will be as easy as picking a time and having some nominated "Kart Master" share a tournament code. It's that simple! So my question for everyone at this moment is...

Who will be getting Mario Kart 8 this coming weekend?

What times work best for you? (Please tell me the time zone as well)

I'd love to get racing as early as next week. I think it'll be a blast. Vroom! Vroom!