I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Kart Klub: Admin Throwdown

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We're going to do things a little differently tonight in the TAYKK. Instead of a tournament we're going to do friend groups. This way we can all trash talk and gloat about how amazing we are or how we got screwed. Dyram has been talking A LOT of trash and it is officially on. Like Donkey Kong. We will be playing from 9pm to 11pm (EDT).


Group One will be hosted by me. You'll have to friend me if you want in. My NNID is Bentendo64.

Group One:

- GiantBoyDetective (HOST NNID: bentendo64)

- Mrs. Detective

- Dyram

- Zarnyx

- UI 2.0

- Nach

- Steve Bowling

- Aest

- SupremeEvan

- Morie

- Unimplied

- Kcet

Group Two:

- Migaru90

- Elihu Aran (HOST NNID: elihuaran)

- quiddity

- PSWii2008

- JpSr388

- Mr. JpSr388

Group One is full, but we still have six spots left in Group Two. This is a first come first serve basis.


A couple of notes.

1. If you send a friend request to someone and your username isn't the same or nearly the same as your TAY handle you should let them know in the attached message who you are.


2. Since we're in friend groups we can talk in the lobby. To turn the mic on or off you have to hit the minus button on player one's controller.

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