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TAY! LONG-WEEKEND (for Canadians)!!! Whatcha Playing?

Happy May Two-Four!

Another long weekend for the Canucks.

The Monday prior to May 24th is a day off for most Canadians to celebrate the birth of Queen Victoria who is thought of as the "mother of confederation" for Canada.


Victoria Day is usually called May Two-Four around these parts since the Monarchy is mostly symbolic in Canada now and beer is far more relevant.

We are heading out of town to visit our friends and have an awesome weekend despite being unseasonably cold around here. This is the same family with my gaming buddy with whom I am currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online. I'm going packed with a mouse and my G13 so we can run two laptops with the game once our wives have fallen asleep.

I had a couple sessions of ESO this week and I am still really enjoying myself. I wish the overall game was a lot tougher though. There are moments of higher difficulty like the Dark Anchors if we run across one with just the two of us. However, overall I rarely feel challenged. This certainly isn't a problem with just ESO as I often make this complaint about most games.


One place we have had success in finding acceptable challenges are the group dungeons. I am only playing with one other friend and the group dungeons are generally for four people. We usually wait until we have characters a level or two above the group dungeon level and then we plunge in with just the two of us. This is the game at its best for me. Tough baddies, lots of strategy needed for battles, and just me and my friend. I still think that being able to turn off playing with all other players in the world, other than friends, would be my most requested feature. Given how the megaservers work with instances, I don't think it out of the realm of possibility to implement. I know that flies in the face of an MMO, but I think the game would feel much better without seeing all the other "heroes" running around doing the same quests as you. You feel far less important in the world than other single player Elder Scrolls games.


So that was pretty much it for me for gaming this week. I did have a couple fantastic games of FTL on the iPad and I think I might prefer it to the PC. Not that it is much different in execution, just that I can play it anywhere I want. There are some control changes that I actually prefer, but I guess I do miss the real estate of my 55" TV for playing on.

I was going to play some more Killzone 3 this week, but when I picked up my Sharpshooter the Move was desperately out of batteries. They are rechargeable but of course you have to wait for that. I think I prefer having removable, standard sized batteries for devices and then I can supply my own rechargeables. It is nice in a pinch to be able to swap batteries and keep playing. I've done this a couple times with my Logitech G700 mouse and it seems to be a far friendlier solution for gamers. What do you prefer, your own batteries or having built in batteries that you can't swap out? I think the best of both worlds is having devices with standard, removable, rechargeable batteries that can be charged in the device itself.


I also loaded up Chroma the other night to play the alpha, but...ummm...nobody was on. Sure it was 3am EST on a weekday, but I figured someone would be playing. Doesn't bode well, does it.


So I'll be having a game filled, firework exploding, party weekend. What are you playing this weekend?

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