Extra Long Long Weekend Edition!

I get even more time off this weekend because of the zombie bunnies that hide eggs for my sins or however that goes. I'm an atheist, but I'll happily piggy-back on whatever religious holidays get me the most days off. We are gearing up for a 4-day long weekend for my family.

However, it is not all fun and games as instead of fun or games my family will be leaving Friday to spend the weekend at my parent's house.

I didn't get much of a chance to play a whole lot this week. I screwed up my sleeping schedule (which is always extremely troublesome for me) the week prior and still haven't been able to get back to my regular rhythm.


I did manage a single session of Shadow Warrior, which hurts because I'd rather be spending much more time with this amazing game. I haven't had a game make me actually laugh so much in a long time.

Other than Shadow Warrior, the only other gaming I did was with my buddy on our game night. We were supposed to be gearing up for The Elder Scrolls Online, but I am both saddened and frankly shocked that Bethesda still has not brought a true fullscreen mode to the table yet. Currently ESO runs in a borderless window on your desktop, but this leaves a lot of people's hardware out in the cold. This means no SLI/Crossfire. I know SLI/Crossfire users are in the minority, but I'm not playing a game that won't use the hardware I paid for. Plus, running in true fullscreen would give a boost in performance to most users. I've already been reading about users who are debating mothballing their subscriptions until this can be sorted out.


So, since The Elder Scrolls Online wasn't going to happen this week, Rathorial's recommendation of Orcs Must Die 2 was next in our queue. What a great game that's turned out to be! (thanks Rath!)

For those who haven't played it, Orcs Must Die 2 is a wonderful tower defense game where you control a character on the map in a third-person mode. This character not only places all the defenses in the game, but also fights in real-time on the maps. It is a great concept and the execution is exceptionally well done. The emphasis on co-op gameplay and the huge variety of equipment and traps makes for some very interesting strategies.

We've only played about 11 maps so far, but it was extremely addictive and wonderfully tense fun. Highly recommended for co-op play.


Hopefully I'll be able to get back in to a regular gaming groove this week and get back to Shadow Warrior. Looks like my weekend will be filled with iPhone games (Civ Rev here I come) and whatever I can play on my kid's 3DS when he isn't using it.

I hope you too are enjoying a long weekend and will be able to fill it up gaming. What are you playing this weekend?