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TAY! (LONG) WEEKEND!!! Whatcha Playing?

Turkey Emergency!

Whew, gotta make this quick and try to get a few hours of sleep. It is Canada's Thanksgiving long weekend starting today (as well as a long weekend for our American cousins for Columbus Day). That's great, who doesn't love a long weekend?


However, I found out at the beginning of last week that instead of going to my folks for the weekend things have worked out that everyone is coming here. While that's great that I don't have to travel on the long weekend, it is obviously a lot of planning (and stress) to have everyone stay here and arrange a big dinner.

As you can imagine, my gaming was put on hold while I did tons of grocery shopping and cleaned the house all week. I did manage to sneak in some Grand Theft Auto IV at the beginning of last week though.

It was a little surreal walking in to the Tw@ Internet Cafe in GTA IV and hearing Ray Lynch's "The Oh Of Pleasure" playing. Apparently it is also on one of the in-game radio stations, but I have a policy of listening to the radio station that was already playing when I jacked the car, so I haven't come across it yet. I listened to a LOT of Art Bell's Dreamland (late night talk radio show) in my day, which I loved, and Lynch's piece was the theme song for the show. It totally took me by surprise and showed me how much music, memory, and emotions are all related.

I'm still enjoying GTA IV but if not for the characters and the storytelling, I'm not sure I'd be that impressed. Given the age of the game I do realize that I'm looking at it with a different perspective. I of course wasn't there when it was fresh and maybe revolutionary (and got almost perfect review scores), but it is a fairly clunky and somewhat uninteresting open-world. It is still fun, but the ads for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition on Steam have me yearning for that. I'm having enough fun to keep me going in GTA IV, but after my off-putting experience with Max Payne 3 recently, my Rockstar goodwill is wearing a little thin.


I of course also made time for my weekly session of The Elder Scrolls Online with my friend. We are close to finishing our current area of Grahtwood and we are excited to see what beautiful landscapes await us in the next area and what indigenous creatures we get to slaughter. I recently respeced all my skill points and I've move to sword and shield. I feel very powerful now with all the damage mitigation and I'm enjoying bashing everything in the face with my shield.


Have a wonderful long weekend for those whose countries deemed they needed one. For those that don't have a long weekend, don't fret...you likely get WAY more holidays than we do anyhow.

I likely won't have time to play anything this weekend other than the game of Host, but I'm looking forward to whatever virtual escape time I can manage.


What are you playing this long weekend?

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