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Happy May Two-Four!

and Happy Weekend TAY!

It is a long weekend around Canada to celebrate the birth of Queen Victoria. While she was born on the 24th of May, we celebrate her birth on the third Monday of May (so we get that long weekend in there). We affectionately call it the “May Two-Four Weekend” cuz I AM CANADIAN and culturally obliged to like a case of 24 beer (and hockey and maybe have a thing for Moose). But who doesn’t love a long weekend when the weather is great and the winter is finally behind us.


My son and I abandoned Sonic 3D Blast last week, though we were basically forced into doing so. My reinstall of Windows 10 messed up the save-state files for the Saturn emulator we were using (who knew emulator “save-state” files were fragile things and don’t like being moved around). This, of course, wouldn’t have happened if we played the game on our Saturn, but then we just wouldn’t have been able to save at all (which would have been even less fun). That game is simply too awful to restart, there is simply nothing right about the controls. I can now appreciate the backlash against Sonic games. If that was your first introduction to Sonic, I’m truly sorry and you really should go and play Sonic CD.

One Of The Best Video Game Intros Ever Made

And with that, we moved on to Sonic Adventure on PC as we play through all the major Sonic games released for home consoles.

Playing Sonic Adventure on PC means access to mods. This mod is incredible at taking advantage of modern hardware to increase the visual fidelity of the game while retaining the original look and feel. There were several downgrades in the visuals from the original Dreamcast game when it was ported elsewhere. The mod not only does its best to restore the PC version to full glory but with additional HD textures and locked-solid 60fps@4K, the game looks better than ever.


My son and I are having a blast with Sonic Adventure and I am surprised how well it holds up. It is a charming game and lots of fun despite the ageing (and famously quirky) engine. This is the first time I’ve played Sonic Adventure, from start to finish, since it was released on Dreamcast almost two decades ago. I’m relieved that my fond memories of the game remain unblemished.


My son is also having a great time with Sonic Adventure (I was worried it would feel too “old”) and I’m hoping the game will heal the many scars left on him by Sonic 3D Blast.


On the solo side of life, I’ve been soldiering on in Far Cry, but it is a tough go. The game really ups the ante in the final group of missions and my restarts at checkpoints are frequent. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t praying now-and-again for a quick-save, but I’m still having a fantastic time with the game on its toughest difficulty setting. I haven’t felt this wonderfully tense since Alien: Isolation.


This weekend will involve some outdoor chores for me, but hopefully, we will be able to kick-back as a family and play Guardians Of The Galaxy and Rock Band. I imagine I’ll be playing more Sonic Adventure as well since my kid is off from school on Monday.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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