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Happy Canada Day Weekend!

It is a long weekend here in Canada to celebrate Canada’s birthday. To all my fellow Canucks, have a wonderful long weekend and be proud of the amazing country we’ve built together.


My family will likely just be hanging around the pool this weekend (as it is supposed to be disgustingly hot) or inside with our new Nintendo Switch!

My kid just finished up Grade 6 and is now off for two months for the summer holidays. He also celebrated his “un-birthday” which was meant to be the birthday party for a kid whose birthday falls right after Christmas and usually finds most of his friends unavailable for parties at that time of year. A couple years ago we offered him the choice of a party or a present...and of course, he chose the present. This year, he also wanted a present in lieu of a party and it was time to finally get him a Nintendo Switch.


My son was saving up his money to buy a Switch all by himself and had more than enough saved for one (amazing little saver that kid) but he was waiting for E3 to happen in case hardware revisions were announced. Obviously, Nintendo announced no changes to the hardware and my son was too busy with the end of the school year to have the time to get a Switch.

So, we surprised him with a Switch and a Wireless Pro Controller (plus a hand-me-down 128GB microSD card) for his un-birthday and told him he would have to use his saved money for games.


He has currently purchased Breath Of The Wild, Kirby Star Allies, and Mario Tennis Aces from the eShop and seems to be enjoying all of them. I baulked at the $79.99 price tag for each game (which ends up being around $90 after taxes here in Canada). I’m such a cheap gamer I can’t remember the last game I paid that much for.


The Switch seems nice so far though, as, with most Nintendo machines, I’ll likely end up playing very little on it. I’m really hoping my kid buys Mario Odyssey, that’s the one I really want to play. :) I guess I should look at getting a second dock so I can play the Switch easily in my game room.


I’m currently sick with a cold brought to me by the contractor we had in renovating a bathroom (which is done as of last Friday). The reno looks great and we are very happy with it, but I’m glad to no longer have people coming in and out of the house all the time now.


I played next to nothing last week with the renovations and the busyness of the end of the school year. I picked at about 20 minutes of Ruiner and my wife and I played a couple chapters of Until Dawn, but that was about it. This coming week should be much better for gaming once I am over this cold and finished with the post-reno cleanup (SO MUCH DUST); I’m looking forward to getting back into my gaming groove again.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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