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TAY! (Long) Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Wild Boys!

Happy Weekend TAY! (and a happy long weekend to all the Canucks off Monday for Labour Day)


It is the last weekend of the summer holidays around here. My son heads back to school on Tuesday and we are trying to take advantage of all the free time we have left before the homework begins again.

The kid and I had a “Game Night” last weekend which involved staying up all night playing video games. We spent a good chunk of time trying to get the PC version of Sonic Heroes to work on Windows 10 (with very limited success). However, the majority of the time was spent with The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

My son had previously attempted BotW when he first received his Switch but gave up on it shortly after starting. He loves all things video games, but he plays very few of them and I think his DNA might have something to do with not being smitten with Zelda.


Since I was interested in also playing Breath Of The Wild, we figured we’d team up to play the game together. It has been fun so far...when we aren’t whining at each other to be the one in control of the game.


I’ll be upfront, I am not a Zelda fan. I’ve played all the major console releases (never finishing the NES titles) and never really loved any of them. Majora’s Mask was my favourite of the series for its atmosphere and time mechanics, but Windwaker was better for the animations and sense of exploration. However, as a gamer who gets in a “mood” to play a particular game, I never feel the urge to replay a Zelda game. The last Zelda I played, Skyward Sword, scarred me and almost made me swear off the series completely, but it was impossible to ignore the love for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild around TAY...so of course, I had to have a look.


And...I’m having a great time so far; it is finally a Zelda game that is fun to control. The addition of the active-jump and the climbing mechanics are a welcome change; now travel finally feels like an adventure instead of a chore. I’ve always enjoyed the combat in Zelda games, and I’m happy with the combat in Breath Of The Wild, but I do miss the motion controls from Skyward Sword and occasionally find myself wagging the Joy-Con to slash my sword.


What a relief...I was honestly worried I’d be disappointed with BotW. The game is beautiful looking and fun to explore with the great map system. It seems on-track to being the best Zelda game I’ve played (it is amazing how much the jumping adds to the game for me). Of course, the big plus is sharing the adventure with my son and seeing him come to finally appreciate an RPG. He’s been shy of RPGs since our terrible time with Ni No Kuni.


I hope I’ll be able to get in some more Breath Of The Wild with my kid this weekend to say goodbye to the summer. I also want to get back to more Aliens: Colonial Marines which I’ve been playing during the week...and liking it more than I think I am supposed to.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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