I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Where did he slip up? He couldn’t figure it out. He was so careful to not rock the boat. And yet here he was for the second time. He managed to rig the last coin toss, but perhaps there was someone who was unconvinced and did some digging on him. Either way this was it. They still had so much more work to do, but he’d have to leave it to his partners. This needed to be done. He would take a dive and protect them in the only way he could now.


TinyTaco was dead

It finally looked like they were making progress. It might have only been one of them, but Mortal Dictata was sure they were on the right track. He was up on top of the crow’s next, looking out at the sea. They had no captain, but he knew that they still had at least another week or more before they hit land according to what he was told before all of this happened. He wondered if the winds had taken them too far off course. Did it even matter if they caught all the culprits? They could still all die out all the same. They only had rations for at least another 2 weeks.


He heard the rhythmic thumping of shoe against ladder. Someone was coming up here.

“No land in sight!”, Mortal called out to him.

There was no answer to his words, just more climbing. Finally the person got to the top. MortalDictata moved to the edge of the nest, away from the ladder.

“Fancy seeing you up here”, Mortal said nervously.

“Yes, you’ll do.”

The killer pushed him off of the crow’s nest and Mortal would never be heard from again.

Alright one mafia down! Good job guys. It is day time now (has been for a while if you’ve been following discord, apologies this post is so late). Voting will end at 2AM EST.


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