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TAY Mafia: And sometimes you just get unlucky

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PyramidHeadCrab wasn’t entirely sure why half the ship seemed to have it out for him. He knew he was innocent and he felt like the others knew that too but that seemed to matter less than people’s preconceptions about him. Still he wasn’t dead yet. There had a been a tie. There was still hope.

The members of the ship decided that in case there were equal votes, they would flip a coin to see who would die. This seemed like a pretty poor way to decide, but after what had happened throughout the day, PyramidHeadCrab decided luck might be a better alternative than trusting the opinions of his fellow shipmates.

Everyone was here now, all looking at the one that would flip the coin.

“What do you choose PyramidHeadCrab?”


It felt like an eternity watching the coin fly through the air.

“It’s Tails...”

It looked like even luck couldn’t save him this time.


Cloudpersona knew that the key to figuring this ordeal out was information. Who voted for who, who said what and what could be read between the lines of what everyone was saying. He wasn’t a secretive person himself. He wanted to share the information to help others make informed decisions.


He was no detective, but that had to be the way to solve this.

They were wrong about PyramidHeadCrab but that just meant they needed to know more. He would gather more information tomorrow. It was dark already and it was getting pretty cold. Everyone had already gone back to their cabins. He looked into the depths of the sea and wondered how long it would take to die in those freezing waters. He shuddered at the thought.

Time to go to bed.

Before he even turned around he felt a strong push and felt himself falling off the ship. This wasn’t real. He didn’t even see his attacker.
He hit the cold water and screamed for help but no one could hear him, save the person that just killed him. He tried to grab a hold of the ship but it just moved on without him and he was stranded at sea.

He was dead.

And then there were 18! Don’t be disheartened! It’s pretty darn rare to catch a mafia this early, especially with the numbers we have. Keep trucking guys, you are doing great!


It is day now, start voting people!

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