I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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StygianKnight knew that people still suspected him. He only didn’t get voted off the last round because it looked like some inside information confirmed the killer’s identity. Even with that information though, people still had it out for him. Was it because he was an aspiring musician? Or because he kept to himself? Or maybe because he was just younger than most of the others? The other one people were gunning for was even younger than himself.

Protect the children, my ass.

People were definitely taking longer to decide this time. Maybe enough would change their minds by the end of the day. He was standing on deck. There was only about 10 minutes left. They were all up there, save for DreaPoetic whom they hadn’t seen all day.

What bothered him more than anything was that if he died, he wouldn’t even know the identities of all the killers. He looked around to see if anyone was thinking of changing their votes. He saw Aikage, Kidechka, Amandageddon and OffkilterPendulum together. It seems that some people had been able to band together on this wretched ship. He wondered if they had been able to figure anything out. If they had, why were they voting for him?

Its time.

Even though he had been expecting those words all day, it didn’t do anything to calm his nerves. Everyone stared at him resolutely. He walked the plank and was no more.

StygianKnight is dead. He was a villager.


Kidechka had closed up shop early again. There weren’t really that many customers anymore. People took to drinking more than sweet things in situations like this. Still, she hoped that it would be able to lighten up someone’s day if possible. What was she going to do now? It looked like they were wrong about StygianKnight. She did feel sorry about that, but he did have a funny manner of speaking. He called it “memes”, but who knows? It could have been killer code.

She thought she might visit Aikage, whom she had taken quite a liking to over the past week. While its true they could really not trust anyone on the ship, she felt like she could trust him. He had not been handling the current situation particularly well though, and he often looked sleep deprived and was constantly thinking up plots and plans to figure out who the killers were.

She decided she would bring him some chocolate. That might cheer him up. She headed back to her shop and unlocked the door. She started. She could hear someone in the back of the shop. How was it possible? Only she had the key...

Kidechka was not scared. She might be a candy store owner, but she was a candy store owner at sea and knew how to defend her own. She reached for the rifle behind the counter and slowly approached the door to the storage room behind the store.

It suddenly flung open and Kidechka accidentally pressed the trigger and missed. The killer pounced at the opportunity and landed a blow with a knife deep in the gut.

Kidechka was dead. She was a villager.


They somehow figured it out again. Who was it? Someone had a power that was uncovering them all. What’s more it was probably someone from that group. It seemed like they were all protecting each other somehow. Who could they target to break that defense? Rienier’s head was swimming.

He didn’t have much time. And he knew he wasn’t going to die walking the plank. He walked up to the deck, cleared his voice and announced:

I am the killer. Catch me if you can.

He ran towards the other end of the ship, the other passengers dumbstruck. One however, with rage in his eyes, reacted immediately, which woke everyone out of their daze. Rienier could see him running furiously after him. He ducked into the stairs leading downwards towards the kitchen. He bounded over counter tops and found the chef’s cutlery. Rienier began throwing knives towards the oncoming horde, but his aim failed him. He ran back towards the cold storage room. He would make his final stand here. He picked up a giant ice cleaver and swung it at one of the passengers who just barely dodged it. Another passenger managed to grab him from behind and pinned him down.

Its over.

A shot rang out and Rienier was dead. He was mafia.


Abracadaniel was ecstatic. They had found two of them. From what they had managed to figure out, there were only three killers. They were so close. Maybe he would be able to survive and see his daughter after all.


Abra headed down to the engine room. He was one of the engineers on the ship, and one of the only ones who knew how to keep the ship going. For a while he had lost hope, but keeping the engine going was the one thing he knew must do. He started shoveling coal to feed the fire. Hearing the piston clang and hiss was therapeutic. A bit of normalcy in this crazy time.

He was inspecting the firebox and was about ready to go when he heard someone else enter the engine room. Maybe it was one of the other engineers. Before he could see who it was, the person leapt at him and pushed him into the firebox and closed the firedoor on him.

Abracadaniel was dead. He was a villager.

So many dead! Sorry this was so late, I had quite a few in real life commitments this week. We are nearing the end! There is only one more mafia left! It is day time now, get your votes ready!


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