I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAY Mafia: Hostile Takeover

It was down to the wire. OffkilterPendulum and Dragonsashes had their backs to the wall with the few remaining patrons of the bar surrounding them. One of them was going to die.


“If one is innocent, the other is guilty,” Mortal Dictata decreed. The others seemed to agree with the notion.

The crowd went back and forth deciding. OffkilterPendulum gulped as they finally made their choice. It was her time now. She knew it was coming, so she had prepared her last words ahead of time.


Rienier sighed as he walked away from the stairwell to the basement where he had just delivered OffkilterPendulum’s fresh corpse. They had killed another innocent. The others seemed to think that implicated Dragonsashes, but Rienier wasn’t too sure.


“A real shame, isn’t it?” someone asked.

Rienier looked up to see one of the last remaining patrons. “Yeah,” he agreed.

“So, we know it must be Dragonsashes, right?”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Well, we know it’s not SirMarth01, tinytaco, or you. If it’s not Dragonsashes, that just leaves Mortal Dictata and...”



Rienier came to the realization a little too late. Before he could call for help, he was silenced on the edge of a knife.


“It’s not me, I swear,” Dragonsashes protested as the finger was pointed at her.

“But it has to be you,” Mortal Dictata countered.

“You are more likely part of the Mafia,” SirMarth01 offered in return.

“I vote for Dragonsashes to die next,” NiorjD chimed in.

“Both of you must be Mafia!” tinytaco shouted, pointing at Mortal Dictata and tinytaco.


“I suppose there really isn’t any point in hiding it anymore, is there?” Mortal Dictata asked. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at Dragonsashes, then pulled the trigger. “This bar now belongs to the Mafia.”

And with that, the two remaining Mafia infiltrators revealed themselves. Two more well-placed shots later, and the last of the patrons were dead. The speakeasy reopened several weeks later under its new management.


So ends the game. This time, it was the Mafia who triumphed. All the Villagers have been slaughtered. What a game it was. This all went down in the TAY Discord Server, and a new game will be starting soon so swing by if you’d like to join!

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