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TAY Mafia: Last Call

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It was a cold, stormy night and the patrons of Dragonsashes’ and Couch Gnome’s speakeasy were seeking shelter from the rain in the bar’s warm interior. Soon, however, they would have to leave the fine establishment and brave the pouring rain. Dragonsashes had just signaled last call and the patrons were finishing off their final drinks of the evening.


Rienier and amandageddon sat playing cards near the entrance. Rienier could’ve sworn amandageddon was cheating, but he had no way to prove it. He sighed and glanced around the room. CammyKinz was sitting nearby, giggling at Rienier’s misfortune, Gugsy and Couch Gnome were chatting by the bar, and NiorjD played a fine tune on the piano. Several other patrons were preparing to depart.

That’s when it happened.

A man stumbled into the bar, soaked from the rain. It was DisturbedShadow, the bar’s bookkeeper. “Murder!” he cried. “Betrayal! Mafia!” He collapsed on the floor. The nearby patrons rushed to his side only to find that he was dead.


Dragonsashes noticed something in DisturbedShadow’s hand. She kneeled down and pried a crumpled piece out of her employee’s cold, dead fingers. Dragonsashes gasped upon reading it. It appeared that DisturbedShadow had uncovered a plot by some of the regular patrons, and perhaps some of the employees, had been secretly funneling illicit goods through the speakeasy and embezzling funds for the Mafia. And now he was dead.

Dragonsashes quietly approached the door, locked it, then closed the blinds. The note didn’t mention any names, but it claimed the perpetrators were in the bar at this very moment. Dragonsashes cast a suspicious glance around at her patrons and employees. One of them was the killer.


Welcome to TAY Discord Mafia round 3! We’re back with another tale of murder and betrayal! This time we’re in a dystopian future setting with a 1920s gangster noire flair! As always, the rules are simple. The Villagers must find the members of the Mafia before the Mafia kills them all! Technically, the game runs on a Day/Night cycle where players vote on someone to kill during the Day and the Mafia chooses a Villager to kill during the Night, but for the sake of the narrative, we’re going to say this all happens over the course of one night even though it will be mechanically the same.


Here’s the player list:

  • iambored
  • NiorjD
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • tinytaco
  • amandageddon
  • SirMarth01
  • Novibear
  • quiddity
  • shockwaver
  • Dragonsashes
  • Mortal Dictata
  • Rienier
  • Gugsy
  • Ikalx
  • Couch Gnome
  • CammyKinz
  • abracadaniel
  • Barkspawn

Here’s the role breakdown:

  • 3 Mafia
  • 2 Medics
  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Understudy
  • 1 Rookie
  • 1 Roleblocker and 1 Double Voter, rotating to a random player during each Night and Day cycle respectively.

This is all going down in the TAY Discord Server, so be sure to swing by and watch the action Unfold!

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