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TAY Mafia: One-Two Punch

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Ikalx was really wishing he had stayed home. He had strolled into the bar shortly before everything went wrong, making him a likely suspect in the eyes of many. They had accused him of behaving oddly. They had accused him of being a jerk too. They wouldn’t listen to him, so he had been the first to go. Not even his medical knowledge could save him this time.


abracadaniel watched all this from his little corner of the room. As a private detective, he had seen grizzly cases like this before. He had worked many investigations that the corrupt cops had swept under the carpet and had seen this kind of thing before. He had a hunch that Ikalx probably wasn’t the killer, but there was no way he could prove that just yet.

abracadaniel, along with his business partner, was a frequent patron of this bar and he figured it was lucky that both of them were here tonight. They would get to the bottom of this madness eventually.


As the unruly mod descended upon Ikalx, abracadaniel wandered off to the bathroom to take a leak. As he stepped into the room, he found himself with a knife to his throat. “It was you,” was all he could get out before he was silenced.

The others found abracandaniel lying in a pool of blood when they were moving Ikalx’s body to the basement.


So ends Round 1. Two patrons of the bar with skills that could’ve helped weed out the Mafia and save lives are now dead. Will the heroes survive the night or will the Mafia kill them all?


Here’s the remaining player list:

  • iambored
  • NiorjD
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • tinytaco
  • amandageddon
  • SirMarth01
  • Novibear
  • quiddity
  • shockwaver
  • Dragonsashes
  • Mortal Dictata
  • Rienier
  • Gugsy
  • Couch Gnome
  • CammyKinz
  • Barkspawn

Here’s the remaining role breakdown:

  • 3 Mafia
  • 1 Medic
  • 1 Understudy
  • 1 Rookie, who has assumed the role of Medic
  • 1 Roleblocker and 1 Double Voter, rotating to a random player during each Night and Day cycle respectively.

This is all going down in the TAY Discord Server, so be sure to swing by and watch the action Unfold!

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