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TAY Mafia: Revenge and Retaliation

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How did they figure it out? quiddity wondered to himself as the mob closed it. What gave it away?


When they had him lined up against the wall with Dragonsashes and Rienier, quiddity was sure he’d get away with it. But then something happened. Someone swayed the vote. It was almost as if they knew it was him. Could that be true? It had to have just luck, right?

quiddity pondered these questions as he met his demise. They put a bullet in him and claimed their revenge.


Couch Gnome was glad they had finally taken out one of the Mafia who had infiltrated her business, but she knew there were still two more, and they were probably mad that quiddity was dead. They were bound to retaliate.


And that they did.

As she headed to the back room to fetch some more bottles of liqueur, Couch Gnome heard someone behind her. She turned to see a familiar face.


“So, quiddity was one of the Mafia, huh?” they asked.

“It would seem so,” Couch Gnome answered.

“That’s a real shame... Now someone’s gonna have to pay... It might as well be you.”


“What are you-?

Couch Gnome’s words were cut short by a knife to the gut.

So ends Round 3. Two more down, one Mafia, one Rookie. The number of people with roles is down to one, but there are now only two Mafia remaining. Has taking out one of the Mafia given our heroes the edge they need, or will the Mafia win the night?


Here’s the remaining player list:

  • NiorjD
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • tinytaco
  • amandageddon
  • SirMarth01
  • shockwaver
  • Dragonsashes
  • Mortal Dictata
  • Rienier
  • CammyKinz
  • Barkspawn

Here’s the remaining role breakdown:

  • 2 Mafia
  • 1 Understudy
  • 1 Roleblocker and 1 Double Voter, rotating to a random player during each Night and Day cycle respectively.

This is all going down in the TAY Discord Server, so be sure to swing by and watch the action Unfold!

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