I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAY Mafia: Stone Cold Killers

So it had come to this. Barkspawn had kept her distance from the rest of the patrons, not really trusting any of the ones that were still alive. It had kept her alive throughout the chaos, but it would seem that her luck had run out.


The others claimed her silence made her suspicious, but clearly there was some fault to that logic. Now it was her time to die. She placed the fedora Novibear had given her on her had and stroked the peacock feather sitting on it one last time before she met her untimely demise.

Things were getting out of hand. So many were dead and amandageddon felt like her investigation was going nowhere. She missed abracadaniel, her business partner. The two private detectives always worked best together, but now it was up to amandageddon alone to solve this case and avenge her fallen partner.


She had cleared several people from her suspect list, but felt no closer to unmasking the Mafia. amandageddon paced back and forth near where Couch Gnome had been murdered. There had to be some kind of clue they had missed, something that could prove who did it.

Sadly, nothin turned up. amandageddon turned and headed back down the hallway. It was time to rejoin the others. Unfortunately, she never made it back to the front room. As she rounded the corner, she found herself at the end of a knife.


“It’s you!” was the last thing she managed to say before she joined her business partner in death.

CammyKinz wasn’t quite sure what he had done to deserve this. There had been a push by the others to kill him next that seemed to come out of nowhere. He had suspected someone and that someone in turn called for his death. The worst part was that that someone changed his mind at the last minute. It did nothing to sway the others, so CammyKinz just accepted his death. He knew he was innocent, and that was all that mattered.


Who could it be? shockwaver wondered. They had killed so many of their own, and the Mafia had seen to the rest, yet still they were no closer to figuring it all out. shockwaver had been working closely with the private investigator, amandageddon, but now she was gone too. All he had was his gut to rely on now.


“Who do you think it could be?”

shockwaver looked up to see a familiar face joining him.

“I’ve got a few suspicions,” shockwaver answered.

“Oh? Such as?”

“Well, you, for one, could still be Mafia.”

“I’m afraid you’ve got me there.”

Before shockwaver had a chance to react, there was a knife in his gut. He was stabbed several times before collapsing to the floor. He bled out long before the others found him.


So end Rounds 4 and 5. Four more are dead, the last of the non-Mafia roles among them. With their numbers dwindling, will our heroes be able to weed out the Mafia, or will the Mafia snuff them all out?


Here’s the remaining player list:

  • NiorjD
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • tinytaco
  • SirMarth01
  • Dragonsashes
  • Mortal Dictata
  • Rienier

Here’s the remaining role breakdown:

  • 2 Mafia
  • 1 Roleblocker and 1 Double Voter, rotating to a random player during each Night and Day cycle respectively.

This is all going down in the TAY Discord Server, so be sure to swing by and watch the action Unfold!

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