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Have you ever played a game so bad that you couldn't in good conscience recommend it another living soul BUT the soundtrack was so angelically beautiful you had to fight the urge to tell someone?... It's time to MAKE-A-LIST!

Hey TAYers (is that what we call ourselves TAYers :/) I want to try something new. Something that everyone can contribute too and chime in on. Something focused. Something that you can't just look in your gif folder, close your eyes, drag and drop and say "meh, it'll do."


TAY Make-A-List will (hopefully) be a weekly poll where the candidates are chosen and voted on by you the readers. So assuming I don't get stricken down by the god's of TAY I'd like to proposition you all to think back. Look into the deep recesses of your mind if you have to and try to remember that ONE game (yes please try to keep it to ONE I'll explain later) you hate so much but still can't deny it's sick beats! Find an example track (or tracks if you like as long as they are from the same game), post it in the comments and once your done look at all the other suggestions and favorite the ones you feel are the most representative of this topic.


Now just to clarify. I don't necessarily think Layton Brothers: Mystery Room is a terrible game. The problem is it tries to be phoenix wright, but it doesn't try hard enough. It's what id call a bare bones version of the ace attorney series. BUT MAN IF THAT SOUNDTRACK AINT SLAMIN!

Now you don't have to give an entire explanation of why the game you chose was bad like I did. If you just want to post the song that's fine. Just make sure we know what game it's from. Next week I'll look over all the submissions and see which one received the most favorites and pick the top 5 and put the results at the bottom of the next topic.

Well that about covers it folks. I hope people see this as a fun way to communicate. Not to say we don't already but I like when things have a more collaborative feel.


ps some of you may remember me as geekbabel, I posted the article about jrpg battle themes. I've changed my name for reasons I may explain later but now its not important ;)


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