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TAY Masquerade: HEADS UP

So, we're having a masquerade tomorrow. Yupp. Tomorrow. I'm sorry for the lack of constant updating on this, but this week has been exceptionally busy for me. However, tomorrow I'll be free of major responsibilities, and thus, in proper shape for hosting our masquerade. "Well, that's cool and all TUT, but what the hell is the masquerade, anyways?". Simply put, it'll be like an Open Forum, but with a twist. See, it wouldn't be a masquerade if we all just showed up as is, right? SO, here's what you need to do:

-Create a disposable Burner account, that is totally unrelated to your current account.


-Show up and introduce yourself. Say hi, and then incorporate two lies and a truth about yourself in order to add to your "disguise". So, for example:

Hey everyone! I'm TotallyNotTUT, and I love summer, am a fan of anything cyberpunk, and I love alt rock. How's everyone doing?

And then just go on about mingling with each other, trying to figure out who's who. Whoever lasts the entire Open Forum will get a prize of some sorts. Same goes to whoever unmasks the most TAYters.

Of course, this will be mostly geared towards the regular users of TAY, since we've sorta come to know each other after a while of talking on here daily. So, you're free to join in if you feel like you've gotten to know the community better after a while of staying here. In order to avoid confusing any potential newcomers, we shall hold this masquerade over on TAY Classic, so keep an eye out for it!



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