I'm really feeling it!

Who were you? Let everyone know and I’ll update this list as we unmask!

HungryForApples: HABBOI!!!

InigoMontoyo96: Aikage

Phil Spencer: Meathead373

CellinoNBarnes: Rienier

BurnerBruh: Zarnyx

LoliTootsofBoom: DisturbedShadow

Snakusesthisaccount2loveAikage: Snakthedogenthusiast (surprise)

BurtReynoldsJr: BurtReynoldsJr (surprise)

BurningBurnerMan: AzureLore

Safety Dance: Amandageddon


It’s that spooky time of year when we all done costumes and try to trick one another so let’s have a go at this Masquerade!


How to play:

  • Make a burner account (remember your key!) This will be your “mask”
  • Make a reply to THIS POST with 2 lies and a truth.
  • Do not make any other post on this thread or I will send the TAY police after you!
  • Try to talk to other people from their replies and discover who they are. You can guess once and only once per person, so guess carefully.
  • I will keep a running wall of shame and the game will go until Friday at Halloween (Monday) at 9:00 pm EST with frequent bumps for those night time dwellers or across the pond TAYers.

For example:

Hello my name is NinjaPantsParty and I love Ice skating. I make shuriken all by myself, and one time I wrestled an eel to the ground using my bare hands.


With that, let the game commence!

Update: In case you don’t know what a burner account is or how to make one, i’ve written a short guide to help you out!


Update #2: Being a different character doesn’t give license to be tasteless! Don’t be offensive!

Wall of Shame

  • Burt Reynolds Jr didn’t even try. Literally.
  • Snakthedogenthusiast might have been a little too crafty
  • DisturbedShadow as LoliTootsofBoom was unmasked! BY PHILSPENCER!!!! dun dun dunnnn

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